"Art does not reproduce the visible, it makes things visible in the first place."

Paul Klee, 1879-1940

Monday, November 24, 2008

Go here! Great fabric in a very nice giveaway at Little Blue Cottage. I love the name of this blog, I can imagine sitting in her little blue cottage, myself...

Sooo, I hear it's supposed to rain here in the next few days...all I can say is: "Bring it on!!" I'm ready!! And, actually, as I've been typing the sky has gotten pretty dark...so maybe it will really happen: YAY!

I've been going through costume jewelry that has accumulated in the multitudes of boxes, zippered bags, baggies, and jewelry cases on the shelf in my closet...I've found things from years ago, and things I don't remember buying...and things that belonged to my mom and my aunt...I've been sifting, putting things in jars
to save for collaging or whatever, into piles for DD to glean from, and piles for me to actually keep and wear...they are the smaller piles, I'm proud to say...I'm paring it all down kids. What a great feeling! Two bonuses from this: I get to wear new-to me or new-feeling-to-me sparklies, and I'm beginning to see open space where there recently was none...=-)

I'm off to the grocery after I hang some clothes out on the line (maybe not since it's gotten so cloudy and dark), and then I'm meeting DD after she gets out of work for a trip to the food co-op
Some of the lovely local and /or organic offering's at People's Market in O.B.
...all in prep for Thanksgiving, of course. Ours will be a tiny, quiet affair this year. I hope you all have a lovely one!


jenclair said...

Lovely photos of all of your new-found treasures! The market photos are also gorgeous. Don't know why I'm so partial to pictures of fruits and vegetables, but they fascinate me. Such color and texture.

Quiltnbee said...

I have to admit that the market photos are from the Market's website...I agree they are great! I love photos of fruits, vegetables and other market fare, too...I always get excited when I have my camera at a famrer's market!

Anonymous said...

I want to know about the photo in your header--is it your California home?

Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving.

Ahava Hopps Brooke said...

hey! It's so funny that I found your blog by chance. I saw the "quilting B" and thought that reminds me of D.M. Then I saw the old crows at the SD quilt show - and - o.k. it is her. Happy Thanksgiving. You can see what I'm up to on my blog.