"Art does not reproduce the visible, it makes things visible in the first place."

Paul Klee, 1879-1940

Thursday, December 31, 2009

I'm wishing the very best to all of you in 2010!  Happy New Year, or as  DD tells me they say in Scotland: Happy Hogmanay!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Am I the only one...

...who is getting everyone's blogposts a day or two late on Bloglines?  I have been for a few days now. Makes it sorta hard to comment in a timely way...sheesh...

New Year's is coming and I, for one, am happy about that.  I make no resolutions cuz I ...uh...have no...resolution...mostly...but there are some ideas for improvment swirling in my head.  A newly revamped/recharged version of Debby would be nice in the new year.

They say "rain" for tomorrow...we'll see, won't we...I'm hopin'...

Sunday, December 20, 2009

I have help...

Oh, yes, ...I certainly do!

Monday, December 07, 2009

Rain!  People, we have rain!  Finally!!!!!!!!!  Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Friday, December 04, 2009

Happy Day

The Badass Boy wants cupcakes for his birthday cake...a variety of cupcakes...so I'm making one variety and his wife is making a couple others...We have to make at least 28...for the candles...They get older but  never really grow up, do they? (but then neither did his mother...nor will she...ever...)  At least he didn't ask for any action figures this year...his toys are getting more and more expensive and too tech for me =-)

Happy birthday, honey!  I love you with all my heart!  I'm so happy you are here this weekend to celebrate!  xoxo, Mom

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ok, it looks like I got the comments working again...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Rude garbage...

Ok, so I had to delete the post praising Lucy at Attic24 (a most wonderful blog...go visit her!)...because some anonymous jackass commented with an annoying spam about Cialis, for crying out loud, and I didn't know how to remove the comment. I hate crap like that...takes the joy out of blogging when you have to worry about such things >=-( Anyway, I tried to set the "moderate comments" thing and now there is not a comment option available at all !!! WTH??? I have gone through all the settings, read help areas on blogger and I just can't get the comments to work at all now...So if anyone knows how to fix this please email me at quiltnbee at hotmail dot com...sorry if you had to read about penile dysfunction or other uninteresting and rude garbage on the deleted post...=-/  (I did read how to remove comments...I think...but now it's too late since I already deleted the original post...sigh...)

Monday, November 02, 2009

One Day - One Trial

Don't know why they dismissed us after they'd assigned us to a courtroom but before we ever went inside...but they did. Two words: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw whooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

As if I weren't crying enough when we took DD to the airport yesterday...My sweet babies....all grown up...

This is DD and DS at the airport security gate as she began her journey to the other side of the planet and possibly the start of her new life. It warmed my heart and made me weep at the same time to see the tenderness these two feel for each other...there is just something about a big brother and a little sister hugging that tugs at my heart.

DD called me this morning to say that she has safely arrived at her destination and is awaiting the arrival home of her man tomorrow. Darn those handsome Scottish boys, with their groovy accents and charming ways...sigh...How can a mom compete with them??

...ok, I had one afternoon to indulge myself, eat cookies, drink tea and watch recorded tv...Today I have to get myself out of the house and out of my mindset of hating this empty nest. There are errands to run, messes to clean up, grandcat comforting to do, and myriad other things to distract me from missing my buddy, my pal, my sweet girl... (but, seriously, couldn't she just have moved across town or at least just across THIS continent, hmmmmmm???? I mean, we could have gotten together SO much more easily for tea or shopping or hanging out...sheesh...)

It must get easier...right????? Tell me it does....

Monday, October 19, 2009

I'm baaa-aack...

I am home again...at least, I am at this home. It has been an interesting 4 months, both here and in NY. I have to say I am ready to cozy in and stay in one place for awhile...at least I would cozy in if the weather here in SoCA would cool down! It was a lot nicer today(Monday) than it has been since we arrived last Wed night, though. DD and I left NY just in time, since they had flurries and some ground dusting the day after we flew out of there.

I am working on various projects, most yarn related, though there might be a couple fabric related things in the works, also. I've been reading Pride and Prejudice most recently, and did a ton of other reading over the summer and early fall in NY. I also knit 2 baby sweaters and finished a sleeveless shell out of a beautiful Noro silk and wool blend for DD while there, and a hat and scarf set for her to take with her to chilly, chilly Scotland. I hope she thinks of her mom when she wraps up in it...I will be missing her so...

Well, I need to pick up a little bit around here...the cleaning lady comes tomorrow...hahahaha! I always swore I would never do that like my mom and aunts did when I was a kid but I sure do it now...actually, I put away vintage breakables and the things I would rather not have anyone else do anything with ...but I consider that to be cleaning things up...aren't we silly...=-)

Hope summer was great for you all and that fall is shaping up nicely, too.



Monday, September 14, 2009

I'm leaving...

...tomorrow at 6:30 am...=-/...too early but it's a long day so I like to take the early flight. See you in a month!

xo, D.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Layin' Low...

...is what I've been doing here in So CA for the last two weeks. I leave to go back again in another two weeks, for the foliage that I am hoping will be spectacular...I had worries it would be there and gone before I got back to it because so many trees were already getting that golden glow before I left...every part on me that will cross is crossed! I'll see the color but will it last until DD gets there the first week of October...that is the question...

It has been so unbearably hot the last...well...since I got home, really. I am not a happy girl when it is this hot, no. So that is another thing I've been doing, trying to stay out of the unGodly heat...not so easy for a fresh air fiend who can't stand the windows closed. The AC has been going, though, I will admit...I succumbed to it...
We did go see Wicked last Friday night. It was SO good! I have not read the book so had no expectations of what was to come and I LOVED it. I highly recommend going to see it if you have the opportunity.

NY this summer was interesting. Not hardly hot at all...maybe 5 days total, where I thought, OMG this is hot...the rest of the time it rained...and rained...and hailed...and blustered...which kept most of us indoors and not socializing as much as usual. I tried tomatoes this year, as I had left luxuriant bushes here and yearned to continue the bounty there...no such luck, they hated the rain. There were some soft, mild days, too, and my flowers were lovely. I did get to see the very end of my peonies, and a couple of sprigs of lilac hung on until I got there. The irises were gone, but the lilies...my oh my...were they incredible!

Early on, in June, my "twin cousin" and I and a good friend went on a great garden tour in a town up the road. Such incredible gardens! One man made a rock garden that was like nothing we'd ever seen before. Such artistry! It was good to be inspired early in the summer to get into the garden and play.
Some of my flowers and a visitor... 4th of July was very quiet, as it often is, since we do the parade on Memorial Day. But, of course the meal...it's all about the meal...=-)
Quite a few little teeny strawberries on my bank this year...I had them a few times on my cereal...mmm =-) The deer were a lot of fun to watch this year. There is a family of 8 that were in my yard most days at one time or another. How I love the fawns, there were 3 of them this year. And one young man has some antlers he proudly wears this year. Their deer path is right along my hedgerow and they eat the berries (and everything else) that grow in the wild lot just on the other side. They cross the road at the top of my property to get into the woods. They are so smart and do the stop, look, and listen thing we teach our kids to do before crossing.

My NY bathroom re-do turned out so well!! I LOVE it! Thanks, cousin Phil! xoxoxo! It is so nice to have a sweet, clean, new bathroom. It changes my whole feeling about my little house. Now I feel I can even stand the kitchen for a couple more years while I save some $$ for it.

There has been absolutely no sewing going on here or in NY, except I hemmed a shower curtain for my "twin cousin" on my great vintage Singer 99K. That is it. I might have sewn on a button, also. I do not know where the mojo has gone but gone it is...The last quilt-related thing I've done was way back when I made the top and back for the "General" quilt for the QoV project...I have been knitting and crocheting a little, though. At the moment I have a darling little baby sweater on the needles, appropriate for a girl baby. No one in particular in mind for it, however. I did tell DD and DDIL that whoever has the first girl gets it...but I don't think that is going to speed them up any in that department...=-/

Well, another summer come and almost gone...however hot this weather is, there is a feel to the air that the seasons are shifting. I am looking forward to cooler weather and my month in NY. I hope you all have had a lovely summer and are safely out of the way of any of the weird weather happenings we have seen this season. Keep your fingers crossed that fire season is not as bad as it can be sometimes...and to those of you in the currently burning areas, I am sending prayers that you are all safe...it is truly the worst time of year here.

See you in October kiddos!


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I'm leaving first thing in the morning...

...You'll know where to find me...=-)

Have a great summer everyone!

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Airing of the Quilts

Today is Dorothy's 6th Annual Airing of the Quilts and I finally sent some photos this year. Usually I am in NY w/o my computer by this time so I am not ever able to participate...Today is a gorgeous, puffy cloud, breezy day here in SoCA, perfect for airing the quilts! I grabbed a few off the shelf in the hall closet and snapped away. These are all older quilts, made back when I was more productive...=-/ Man, I do like them... and I especially like seeing them there in the sunshiny day out in the yard =-)

So, come on, join me on my mini-tour:
This is a Tennessee Waltz made for DH back in the late 90s. I started it in one house and finished it in the "new" house after we moved. It was a bittersweet finish as we had lost our sweet big dog in the middle of the hand quilting. She used to sit at my feet as I quilted, leaned up against me with all her loving might(more often than not tangled in the quilt that was hanging down as I worked sitting in my chair each day.) It took me a long time to be able to sit under it and quilt again, but I eventually did. There is a tribute block with her name and silouette quilted into one of the open plain blocks...makes my throat catch to this day when I see it...

Next, is a Round Robin quilt, "Watching Birdies in my Summer Garden," made along with members of my quilt guild at the time...again, made in the 90s...I made the center portion out to and including the purple plaid. This was in my "Red Wagon" primitive-style phase... The center I designed using some elements from Red Wagon and some of my own, all in an arrangement design of my own. I was ecstatic when I got it back ; everyone did such amazing and appropriate-to-this-quilt borders...I was very lucky!
Here we have my log cabin, "Family & Friends," finished in 2002. The red center squares are all signed by family members and friends, people who have been in my life. This one is special, some of the signers now watch us from above. The quilting on this took FOREVER...since I only hand quilt, those lines that split every single one of those logs were never-ending...I mean it...

In 2002, my DD graduated from high school. The next quilt was her graduation quilt, "Island Girl." She had a love of palm trees, the beach, and all things tropical, so I got to make an island-theme quilt. It was made using the Square Dance method of piecing the background, in a gradated, sort of watercolor, blendy effect, to show the scene from under the water all the way to the sky. I then appliqued the huts (commercial pattern for those, as well as the tiny palm trees), the trees (large one framing the right side was my own design), the little batik squares that depict sea creatures, shells, the sun, moon, and stars (you aren't able to see the ones near the top here), a few broderie perse fish in the water and some shells on the sand, and in the center of the water a mermaid with blonde, flowing hair that looked very much like DD at the time. Everything was then hand quilted. This quilt was a LOT of fun! The back was also fun, containing many, many things that were meaningful to DD, some remnants of her childhood clothes, photo transfers of pictures of her first car (shiny, red '66 Mustang!), and various other things. I was sorry to see the process end...but, oh so glad to be done...if you know what I mean...

This next one made of a pink print and muslin is one of my favorites of all the quilts I've made. I wanted to make a quilt myself that looked and felt just as warm and cozy and soft as the antique quilts that I love so much. It was an extremely simple quilt to piece, and it afforded lots of hand quilting area. I did not wash the fabrics beforehand (I almost never do) and I used a cotton batt, all to insure that when I was finished quilting and finally did wash the quilt it would pucker up and be all those things that I wanted...and it did! I love this quilt, and I'm happy I got it out for this "Airing" cuz now I'm going to keep it out and cuddle up in it this evening =-)

The last quilt I wasn't even going to show, and did not send it to Dorothy even though I had it outside...but it makes me smile. It is actually the 2nd quilt I ever finished. It was for my darling baby girl (yes the same one). I was so proud of it =-) I made it with this new fangled idea that was going around, back in the late 70s or very early 80s, of not using templates but tearing strips (ohmygosh) and putting them on top of each other, sewing various lines, and then cutting them apart into triangles, etc., pressing open, and ending up with square units made up of two different colored triangles! Can you imagine?!? What a concept... Anyway, it sat around for a few years as a top and when I got preggers with her I decided it would make a great baby quilt so I sandwiched it and started quilting. She used it as a baby and then, when she was little, for her dolls, and I'm keeping it for any grandbabies that may eventually show up...it's in fine condition, and it has seen some history, and will be perfect for making grandbabies cozy...just like me...

Well, thanks for joining me on my little quilt tour. You got some oldies but some goodies this time. I'm sure, if you've been around the innernets for awhile, here and on the About.com site, you have probably seen a few of these before...but that's what was on the shelf when I reached in today...and they were actually finished quilts as opposed to tops...of which there is also an abundance... If you get a chance, go over to the About.com site and/or check out Dorothy's Webshots of this year's (not sure when they are going up) and previous years' Airings...it's great fun!

Have a good week, everyone!

PS: I'm so sorry I cannot get the photos to expand...I just canNOT...and I've tried...it would make everything so much easier to see...sigh...

Monday, May 25, 2009

I'm a little blue...
Today, Memorial Day, I am missing

I've already missed

and probably most of

By the time I get there in 3 weeks, maybe I'll see the very end of

Soon...I'll be there soon......it can't happen quickly enough... I *heart* NY!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Done done done done done!

At last! I just sewed up the last seam on the backing this morning. The binding, I did yesterday and wrapped on a recycled cereal box to keep it nice and pressed. Tuesday I will mail it all off to Deb G. for the quilting (because I forgot Monday is a holiday.) This project, though not difficult in the least, really taxed my patience. I find that I do not enjoy sitting in front of the sewing machine anymore. I would far rather sit and sew or do hand work in my chair in the living room or out on the patio or anywhere else but in front of the machine. Yes, it is gratifying to finish something; yes, I enjoy seeing the fruit of my creativity...but I do not enjoy the machine process any more...what is up with that...?

This is the backing up on the flannel with the quilt top underneath...just makin' sure I covered the top with the back with at least 4" to spare...=-)

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Sue Wells over on Swellknits has posted a great bit about "Knitter's Block." Substitute the terms "quilting" and "sewing" for "knitting" and "yarn" etc., etc., and it applies to me, and I suspect, many of you. Especially, the finishing the old projects before moving on to the new thing...I am so mean to myself...

I need to cut myself some slack...and really, who cares if it's yarn or fabric that lights my fire at the moment...at least there is one burning...right???

Very important food for thought...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Quilt Content! Quilt Content! Quilt Content!

I have finished piecing the quilt top I've been working on for the Quilt of Valor project. Here it is up on the flannel... This one is going to one of the generals Debra told us about. I am so happy to have it done! I really like it, I love it in fact. But it was a bit tedious...especially those 25 patch blocks. It was tricky getting the border squares to fit, what with sewing discrepencies within the quilt itself...but I think they worked out ok, no huge rippling of the outside edge =-)...Now that it is done I am glad I did it, that I used those blocks. I used only fabrics from my bins, and hope to only use fabrics from my bins for the backing and binding, too. It is scrappy, but controlled scrappy. I love this kind of quilt, I love the quirky surprises when studying the fabrics while cuddled under a quilt like this. I hope the general likes it, too =-)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I had a text message from DD today telling me she was on the Eiffel Tower...How cool is that???!!??

Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Mother's Day card...

...from my sweet, goofy, "badass" son...still making me cards, just like when you were little...sorta... =-) I love you, too, kiddo!! =-)