"Art does not reproduce the visible, it makes things visible in the first place."

Paul Klee, 1879-1940

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Birthdays are the best!

First, I've been buying myself tulips

whenever I go to the grocery cuz I love 'em and they are only in season for just so long, and well, I'm worth it.

Anyway.  Birthdays... Yesterday DD and I spent a lovely day together at the Art Museum

 Saw the Thomas Gainsborough and the Modern Woman Exhibit,

had a little shop meander and soap, lotion, and candle buying,  then a late lunch at a creperie in a hip neighborhood...with crepes and cappuccino for dessert, of course. The day was her sweet gift. 

Today is breakfast with DS and DDIL at one of my favorite places for that...not sure what I will have but it will be great, it always is.  And, of course, the company will be the treat!  I'm looking forward to the love and the laughs.  DH is on his way home from out of town but thinks he can catch a cab from the airport and be there for most of the meal.  And, people!  One of the best gifts of the day:  another hour of daylight!!!!  Whoopee!  Yep, I do love birthdays.  Well, except for that number thing...


Rian said...

Such lovely tulips! So gay! (And I mean that in a good way...)

Happy Birthday Dear Debby!!!!

PS, can't wait to go to the park and museums in San Diego this summer!

goldenbird said...

Happy birthday! The tulips are so beautiful. And crepes ... yum. Your day with DD sounds perfect to me.

Tracy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Debby! Now that is a SUPER way to celebrate.. tulips and art! :o) LOVE those tulips! Wishing you a beautiful day, a beautiful year ((HUGS))

jenclair said...

Happy Birthday! The tulips can't help but lift your heart...such color, such beauty! Celebrate all week, all month, all year!

Karen said...

Happy Birthday!

Barbara C said...

Happy Birthday! What gorgeous flowers, I'm sure they added to the celebration.

Suz said...

Another favourite of mine too...loving the blog see you were in UK a year ago?
Down that way soon ourselves l hope Stanstead in a couple of weeks for a VW Camper show 1st of many in the warmer months
Look forward to more blog visits from a new follower
Hugs Suz x from across the pond