"Art does not reproduce the visible, it makes things visible in the first place."

Paul Klee, 1879-1940

Monday, February 06, 2012

Well, the weekend sure went quickly.  

We went to see The Descendents Friday night, which was good.  Intense, but good.  I didn't realize it was as serious as it turned out to be, but it was very human, too, and quite funny in parts.

Before the movie we had dinner at a new veggie restaurant near the theater.  I  am pretty excited, I must say.  Veggie restaurants are not that easy to find, and we go to this indi film theater fairly regularly.  Don't know how long this one will last.  I can only hope for the best.  It did take the place of a Pizza Nova and people are a little mad about that.  But, if PN were doing that well, wouldn't it have stayed open?  (I will miss the salad I always got there, though; it was yummy.) Anyway, my dinner was scrumptious.  Veggie-stuffed quesadilla with salad.  Yum.  It's cool because at this place there are a ton of veggie choices and just a few meat-eaters' choices...nice to have that kind of menu when I'm so used to menus where there are only a couple veggie choices...veggie burger, salad, and maybe a veggie broth based soup, if I'm lucky.  Oh, and sometimes pasta with marinara sauce or maybe a cheese pizza...tired of those choices! So, yay!

A few weeks ago, I remember now, I sprinkled a seed packet in some of the pots out on the patio, and promptly forgot about doing it.  When I checked out there recently I saw that something was sprouting...that was when the vague memory popped up.  But, I will tell you, for the life of me I could not remember what exactly it was that I thought I was planting...until the other day.  I was out there again, poking around, and saw something that made me dig (haha) deeper, and, lo and behold I give you:

It was delicious. And there are at least a hundred more =-)

Now, I am off to the grocery for taco fixins.  I guess I must be hungry.


Karen said...

I think the whole theater was crying during The Descendants. I did like the humor that was mixed in with the serious stuff.

Rian said...

That quesadilla looks DELICIOUS! Maybe there's a radish quilt in your future...you know, just to commemorate the occasion.

jenclair said...

MMMMMMM. It does look delicious! If more restaurants served meals that looked like that, they would see meat lovers make some diet changes.

The baby radish looks so sweet. Nice to know there are plenty more where that came from!