"Art does not reproduce the visible, it makes things visible in the first place."

Paul Klee, 1879-1940

Thursday, October 29, 2009

As if I weren't crying enough when we took DD to the airport yesterday...My sweet babies....all grown up...

This is DD and DS at the airport security gate as she began her journey to the other side of the planet and possibly the start of her new life. It warmed my heart and made me weep at the same time to see the tenderness these two feel for each other...there is just something about a big brother and a little sister hugging that tugs at my heart.

DD called me this morning to say that she has safely arrived at her destination and is awaiting the arrival home of her man tomorrow. Darn those handsome Scottish boys, with their groovy accents and charming ways...sigh...How can a mom compete with them??

...ok, I had one afternoon to indulge myself, eat cookies, drink tea and watch recorded tv...Today I have to get myself out of the house and out of my mindset of hating this empty nest. There are errands to run, messes to clean up, grandcat comforting to do, and myriad other things to distract me from missing my buddy, my pal, my sweet girl... (but, seriously, couldn't she just have moved across town or at least just across THIS continent, hmmmmmm???? I mean, we could have gotten together SO much more easily for tea or shopping or hanging out...sheesh...)

It must get easier...right????? Tell me it does....


Rian said...

Oh, WAAAAAH! Boo hoo, sniff! I don't know if it gets easier, you always miss them, but life does pick up and go on. Make sure you have Skype and a videocam so you can keep in touch a lot. Hugs.

Anonymous said...

Good advice from Rian. Ya neveh know--I lost one of mine for 10 years (London, LA) and though she'd never be back home. Suddenly she is back, settled and married--I never even hoped for it. She & I agree there's nothing like a Scotsman, though.

And seeing your children's love for each other is a blessing. Mine are devoted. Maybe because I always told them that when I'm gone, they will be the only part of me left for each other.

You'll be fine, Sweetie.

Mary Ann said...

Well, if it helps, it does get a bit easier after a while...ask me how I know! :o(
I agree, sign up with Skype, it's the best way to keep in touch!
Maybe you can find me there, too! ;o)
I look forward to you visiting Europe, though! Flights to DK from the UK and vice-versa are plentiful and inexpensive!
Hugs, MA

Shasta said...

Oh please tell me that it does get better. My daughter is going to Japan this summer and I am already dreading it.