"Art does not reproduce the visible, it makes things visible in the first place."

Paul Klee, 1879-1940

Monday, October 19, 2009

I'm baaa-aack...

I am home again...at least, I am at this home. It has been an interesting 4 months, both here and in NY. I have to say I am ready to cozy in and stay in one place for awhile...at least I would cozy in if the weather here in SoCA would cool down! It was a lot nicer today(Monday) than it has been since we arrived last Wed night, though. DD and I left NY just in time, since they had flurries and some ground dusting the day after we flew out of there.

I am working on various projects, most yarn related, though there might be a couple fabric related things in the works, also. I've been reading Pride and Prejudice most recently, and did a ton of other reading over the summer and early fall in NY. I also knit 2 baby sweaters and finished a sleeveless shell out of a beautiful Noro silk and wool blend for DD while there, and a hat and scarf set for her to take with her to chilly, chilly Scotland. I hope she thinks of her mom when she wraps up in it...I will be missing her so...

Well, I need to pick up a little bit around here...the cleaning lady comes tomorrow...hahahaha! I always swore I would never do that like my mom and aunts did when I was a kid but I sure do it now...actually, I put away vintage breakables and the things I would rather not have anyone else do anything with ...but I consider that to be cleaning things up...aren't we silly...=-)

Hope summer was great for you all and that fall is shaping up nicely, too.




Rian said...

I always think of the cleaning lady as a way of forcing you into neatness.

Mary Ann said...

Hi there, Debby! Great to read that you're back "home" again! Must be nice with some warmth after the cool fall weather in NY! Look forward to seeing some pics of your wooly works! It seems like only yesterday you were taking lessons and now you're knitting up a storm!! LOL!
Take care! MA

jenclair said...

Rian is SO right! Nothing makes you more conscious of the messes you create than knowing someone is coming to clean. I begin cleaning, picking up, etc. the day before!

Thanks so much for the package you sent with the embroidery goodies. I posted about it here!

Welcome back!