"Art does not reproduce the visible, it makes things visible in the first place."

Paul Klee, 1879-1940

Friday, May 07, 2010

Friday Finish

I actually finished this on Wednesday but saved it until today cuz I haven't posted a Friday finish in at least a couple of weeks.  This is a child's vest, knit for the Afghans for Afghans project.  The current campaign items are due May 14 so I am happy I was able to get it done and in the mail on time. I am not a fan of this pattern, which was one of theirs on the site.  It's cute and wasn't hard but the way rows are knit makes the rolling inherent in stockinette oh so much more of a pain.  If it ever gets washed it is going to roll right back up, I think, and that upsets me since it's going to someone who probably has limited facilities for laundry and reblocking.  Live and learn, I guess...Now I am looking for a more local project, at least in the US, to knit squares for...far easier and I think I will get rid of a lot more extra yarn doing that.

Today we went for our walk around the Lake, as usual.  What a glorious, beautiful day...in spite of the dog poop I stepped in on my way back to the car.  WhattheHELL...people!  Clean up after your dog!! And, of course, I have brand new walking shoes with lots of nooks and crannies on the soles...>=-(  Ah, well, the day far outshines my irritation.  The little geese in my header are one of the new families along the path.  There are so many babies hatching right now...fun, fun!  I try to remember to bring a camera now and then...which also affords periodic rest sto...I mean...photo opps...=-)

Have a lovely weekend everyone!
xo, D.


Mary Ann said...

Love the colour of your little vest, Debby! I think it's a cute pattern! Yup, that's a bummer with the dog poop...gotta hate it when people don't clean up after their pets :o(
We had minus temps the other night...I had to bundle my poor tomato plants up in plastic!
Have a great weekend!

Linda said...

Love the new header...so charming...and the vest is adorable!

jenclair said...

The vest is so cute, and I love the color! I so wish I could knit, really knit something useful.

The ducklings in the header are so sweet!

(sorry about the dog poop) :(

Rian said...

Sweet vest! We have been seeing lots of little ducklings traipsing after their mothers lately. And baby quail. Cute, cute, cute!

Debra said...

I probably crochetted a dozen of those vests and as a crochetted pattern it goes together really well. I wasn't able to get any vests made this season for the Afghan project. They do accept blankets made from knitted squares so maybe you would want to do your squares for them.

Good that you are out walking! Yea!!

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

The vest looks great -- but that's too bad if it does roll up. You're right, live and learn.

I can totally commiserate about those dogs. Many a good walk has been wrecked by some ill-placed shoe of mine. I have a dog, but I'm constantly running "out back" to pick up after her lest some unsuspecting child (or teenager) steps in the stinky stuff. Have a great evening (cute geese by the way -- we've got lots of their cousins hanging out here in NYS right now).