"Art does not reproduce the visible, it makes things visible in the first place."

Paul Klee, 1879-1940

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Finally! =-)

She's home! =-)  After being awake for  more than 24 hours and traveling around the globe to get here, one of the first things DD wanted to do when she got into town was to have Mexican Food!!!  Of course!  It's what we all crave when we travel someplace far from here for any length of time.   So, naturally, we all headed straight to the Old Town Mexican Cafe, which is conveniently located on the way home from the airport.  A margarita and chimichanga later, she was ready to head home, see her kitty and our beagle girl, and go to sleep.  Tomorrow morning it's a family holiday breakfast because she missed it on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter, and was pleased when I suggested it the other day.  Nothing fancy, just a family tradition for most big holidays. 

So!  It's been both a long 6 months and 6 months that in some ways just flew by.  I can't believe it is already over...and I felt like it would never end...weird, huh? I think we've both grown from the experience.  And now, finally, I can sleep without wondering where/how one of my kids is...for now, anyway...and that makes me a happy mom, indeed. =-)

Have a great Sunday everyone!
xo, Debby


jenclair said...

Yea! What a great way to welcome her home, first with a margarita and chimichanga, then sleep with the promise of a holiday breakfast to wake up to!

Know you are happy to have the waiting over with and the fun parts of homecoming still to come!

Linda said...

YAY! We live in Minnesota, but lived in Calif for 11 years...the first thing we do after a trip is head for a local authentic Mexican restaurant that we love, too! SO glad she's home safe!

Debra said...

Is she not returning?

Rian said...

I am so happy for you that DD is back in your arms again.