"Art does not reproduce the visible, it makes things visible in the first place."

Paul Klee, 1879-1940

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Advent: December 23

This little wooden set is the first one I ever bought for myself, way back in the 70s.  I loved the simplicity of it. Still do; it's one of my favorites.

Ok, not to beat a dead horse, but, people: RAIN!  What in the world has been going on here?  Sadly, and inconveniently for a lot of people (but not me, ha!) two of the main shopping centers in San Diego were mostly inaccessible yesterday due to flooding.  Well, we have to be honest here.  They are smack dab in the middle of the freakin' San Diego Riverbed...helloooooo...whatevs...I still feel bad for the people who had to deal with it with only a couple of shopping days until Christmas remaining.  I worked at Broadway department store in one of those centers when I was in college...back when there were only a row of stores on each side along the lone arm of the mall...back before the parking structures or a need for them were even conceived of.  At Christmas time we were told to park back by the River on the edges of the parking lot to leave spaces for customers.  I never did...it was dark, and it was creepy,...and when it rained, well a boat would have been nice.  Even with the parking structures they have now and the flood channel work that has been done in "the Valley," it still floods...because it.is.a.RIVERbed!!!  As I have said before, we are weird in California. Just because it hasn't rained in a jillion years doesn't mean it won't at some point (obviously), shopping centers, hotels, restaurants, freeways or not.

I finished my shopping yesterday, at another mall, miles east of and higher in elevation than the flooded ones.  And I got all my groceries for the holidays, too.  Except for the green beans...not a green bean to be had at my market...great planning, that.  Someone probably got in trouble.  The cashiers were tired of hearing about it, from what I could hear while waiting in line!  So I'll go back today or very early tomorrow...I really had hoped to avoid the market or any stores any later than yesterday.  Ah, well...



jenclair said...

Another lovely Nativity scene! They always make me pause; even without the religious aspect, a scene of mother and child inspires wonder.

Praying that the rain will end soon. Enough is enough, already.

The green bean casserole is a staple in our Christmas dinner, too. Hope you find a few cans!

Quiltnbee said...

I was looking for fresh ones since everyone here likes them steamed with nothing but butter and salt and pepper on top...ok, now I could eat some at this moment! Usually they have MOUNDS of them at Thgiving and Xmas…so off to the market again…they said they would have more today…I’m calling first!

Tracy said...

Hello! Many thanks for visiting my blog and sharing your lovely comments---so nice to meet you! :o) Very much enjoying a browse around your pretty, creative place here in blogland. And I just LOVE these little nativity sets you've been sharing in recent days... the small scale is enchanting! Hoping very much those rains stop and you have a dry, safe, merry Christmas! Wishing you & yours the happiest holidays & all the best in the New Year! :o)