"Art does not reproduce the visible, it makes things visible in the first place."

Paul Klee, 1879-1940

Sunday, March 07, 2010

A dark, gloomy day here in SoCA...but not in my scarf drawer...=-)

This is a beautiful (orange) vintage silk scarf (I wear this one a LOT) that I bought years ago in a resale clothing shop downtown while on a girls' day out with DD.  She tries on all the lovely tiny-waisted vintage dresses and and darling hats and I haunt the accessories cases and racks...perfect recipe for a perfect afternoon =-)


jenclair said...

Beautiful, bright, and the perfect antidote for a gloomy day!

Debra said...

You know those big thin wool scarves that were so popular in the '90s? I have been thinking that they would be great for medallion styled quilts. Scarves are such nice little works of art all unto themselves.