"Art does not reproduce the visible, it makes things visible in the first place."

Paul Klee, 1879-1940

Monday, March 01, 2010

The Olympics are over.  I can't say I watched much more than the ice skating and a little speed skating...and I missed the pairs skating completely...But while I was watching I hand quilted 15 more blocks and 2 1/2 border triangles on my Jane Stickle quilt.  I did knit a little, too, but mostly I quilted...and sometimes I dozed...cuz I watched it late at night off the DVR.  So, now I have more than twice as much quilting done as I did at the start of the Games, which is a good thing!

After lunch at a cafe in a neighborhood closer to town, we went out looking at houses this afternoon...once again we have the house hunting bug.  This bites us every so often, we spend a few weekends going to open houses, driving around neighborhoods we like and then, eventually, the itch eases and we settle back into our house, usually with ideas of ways to make it better.  Who knows, maybe this will be the time that we actually find something we can't live without and we actually move.  I'm ready for a change I know that...

While we were out today we meandered towards the beach in time to watch the sun set and, boy, the water was wild and rough!  Must be either residual from the stormy weather we've had or leftover Pacific tsunami action or something (we didn't have any tsunami action, they just warned us that the west coast "might" see some changes in currents and tides).  There were not many surfers out in it but there were a few diehards.  That water is not warm, it made me feel even colder than I actually was to see them there, wetsuits or not!

I'm having a real affinity for orange right now, buying it, wearing it, knitting with it, even eating oranges and tangerines and tangelos...what is up with that...What color is making YOU smile right now?


Mary Ann said...

Hi Debby!
So wonderful to see you're quilting on your Jane!! What's the secret to getting out of a bad funk with regards to quilting??!!! ;o)
Your pics, both of the UK and your coast, are beautiful! Looks like you had a great time!
Hugs, MA

Rian said...

Great to see you quilting that beautiful Dear Jane.

Our waves have been huge too, I think it's winter storms. I am hearing a lot from you about moving--I think this might be the time that changes are in the wind. We can still go to Road together. And the San Diego show, and Rosies. I'll be able to drive to SD just as easily as LA from LQ. I love SD--spent the 70s there.

Apple green (chartreuse?) is my current happy color. I don't have a single orange thing in my closet and I LOVE orange.

jenclair said...

Isn't it great to have the excuse to do 2 things you love? I didn't watch the Olympics, but I put on videos and do handwork and feel totally pampered and useful at the same time. Your Dear Jane is so gorgeous; I'm glad you got so much done.

Love that orange! In recent years, orange has held a strange attraction for me.