"Art does not reproduce the visible, it makes things visible in the first place."

Paul Klee, 1879-1940

Saturday, March 06, 2010

This photo is my very favorite orange item in my house =-)  And the subject is my very favorite "orange" thing in my life =-)  This is DS in October, 1983, at the pumpkin patch, and his hair really was/is the color of those pumpkins, though softly so, not garish at all...and I love it!!  He was almost 2 years old when this was taken.  We had just had a great Southern California late October day at the beach, digging in the sand, wiggling our toes in the water of the bay, running and jumping and laughing and squealing.  At the time, I was pregnant for his sister so it is doubly evocative for me.  I had already decided before I went into labor at the end of January that I would take this photo with me to the hospital for my breathing focal point, because it just drew me in and I could get lost in it and because I loved it so much. I could hear his giggles just by looking at it...I still can... The problem with that plan, however, was that as soon as any of the nurses saw the picture they would ooh and ahh over it and go nuts cuz he was so darned cute and then they would take it out of the labor room to show someone else or bring someone in to look at it and so I never really got to use it...I ended up focusing on a flower in the wallpaper on the wall next to me... I can't believe that was so long ago.  It feels like yesterday.


Linda said...

What a sweet story and an adorable picture- thanks for sharing- it made me smile!

Debra said...

Sweet, indeed!

jenclair said...

:) I can see the comfort this photo brings you. Love the hair!